Olyrêve, sleep specialist in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Olyrêve, sleep specialist in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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The genesis of Olyrêve dates back to the 80s, when Camille Berthod, who works at a foam manufacturer supplier for upholsterers, decides to launch out: The young man creates his own cutting company, ADM and uses the raw material to make it mattresses. In 1985, faced with an increasingly strong demand, he opened a business in parallel, the universe of bedding. The store was renamed Olyrêve in the early 90s.

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A multi-brand selection

Since then, Olyrêve has grown and currently has eight stores in Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Pays de Gex and Switzerland, employing 150 people. Positioned "mid / high-end", the stores offer the biggest bedding brands: if these are perfectly represented, the brand also has signature mattresses made in partnership with Bultex. "We offer our own range, Olyrêve Prestige: a selection of six affordable models, with the best technological advances, in particular memory foam to ensure optimal comfort and all our models are guaranteed for five years", explains Didier Baudchon, commercial director.

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All bedding in one space

The stores, from 350 to 1,200 square meters, do not only offer mattresses or box springs. Sofaly, an area dedicated to convertible sofas, can satisfy a wider clientele. A Lydor "boutique" space is dedicated to the sale of brand name bed linen, duvets and pillows. In addition, Olyrêve is a brand of the Berthod Group, employing 150 people and owning 25 specialized businesses. A wide choice for an interior that suits you!

© Olyrêve In 2018, Olyrêve gets a makeover! A new design concept has been put in place in all the stores in order to clarify the product offer and fully satisfy the customer so that he feels "good in bed, good in his life"!

© Olyrêve Olyrêve - Headquarters 76, route des Creuses, 74960 Cran-Gevrier 04 50 22 64 74 // Facebook


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