8 tips for a successful outdoor wedding ceremony

8 tips for a successful outdoor wedding ceremony

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If wedding ceremonies in the sky were still rare a few years ago, more and more young couples dream of uniting in lush greenery or on a warm sandy beach ... But before abandoning the bride or groom church to go and get married under a flowery arch, it is better to anticipate as much as possible to prevent the dream from turning into a nightmare! Our 8 tips for organizing an outdoor wedding ceremony.

1 / Check that his wedding ceremony can take place outdoors

First of all, the first question to ask before organizing an outdoor ceremony is whether it is compatible with your religion and your town hall. Because if Hollywood films have accustomed us to see the newlyweds exchanging their alliances in the setting sun, it is because they are Protestant marriages! For other denominations, the matter is not so simple. Indeed, Catholics and Orthodox can only marry within the sacred precincts of a place of worship, while the Jews need a dispensation. So officially, only Protestant and Muslim marriages can be blessed under the celestial vault ... Civil marriage must also be done in town hall, but some mayors can be flexible. In all cases, if the mayor and the parish priest oppose your ceremony in the open fields, nothing prevents you from organizing a secular ceremony after the official procedures ...

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Outdoor marriage, an Anglo-Saxon Protestant tradition not necessarily compatible with one's religion ...

2 / Limit the number of guests for an intimate ceremony

Unless you have reserved the arenas of Nîmes (and the sound system that goes with it), an outdoor ceremony lends itself better to confidential atmospheres, with a few dozen handpicked guests. If you had planned to invite the ban and the back ban, it is better to book the largest hall of the town hall, the cathedral, the synagogue or any village hall with enough benches to sit all this beautiful world!

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An intimate and majestic ceremony ... with only 24 seats

3 / Anticipate the weather

Once your choice is made, the error would be to fantasize about your postcard decor by imagining a blue sky and a divine time. Because even when getting married in the South in the middle of summer, the weather can make its own and impose a storm to decorate the oxen, a torrential rain or a blazing sun ... Caution is therefore to plan a ceremony inside in its smallest details, so as not to be caught off guard if it starts to fall from hail on August 5!

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An idyllic setting ... in calm weather!

4 / Choose the right place

The best location for an outdoor wedding ceremony is therefore in the immediate vicinity of a building. Not only will you be able to organize your Plan B there with complete peace of mind, but you will be able to find toilets, electricity, storage and storage spaces, a quiet room… Then, everything is allowed provided that the floor is flat and walkable: a sandy beach, the banks of a river, a green theater, the park of a castle, the courtyard of a private mansion ... Remember to ask for the necessary authorizations several months in advance, and still avoid places too exposed to the wind…

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Your secular ceremony can also be organized in a private garden or on the edge of the forest…

5 / Find the right orientation

That's it ! You have found the place of your dreams! Now we will have to ask the question of the orientation of the chairs and the arch, asking the photographer for his opinion. The idea is to avoid the newlyweds and guests from having the sun in their eyes or from being backlit, which could spoil your memories ... As much as possible, try to locate the previous week.

6 / Think about the comfort of the guests

As the outdoor wedding has not yet entered our customs, it is better to pamper its guests so that they keep an unforgettable memory. Provide comfortable benches and chairs, taking care that they do not sink into the ground or that they do not overturn back… Again, preliminary tests are advised. In hot weather, offer your guests cold drinks, fans and shaded areas to cool off (or even sunscreen to avoid sunburn!). If the weather gets cold, also think of the plaids, and don't forget the big umbrellas if the clouds are threatening!

7 / Choosing the right wedding arch

An essential element of the outdoor wedding ceremony, the arch will set the tone for your ceremony. Depending on your budget and your level of DIY, you can either rent it or make it yourself. For a bohemian and bucolic wedding, opt for an arch or a wooden pergola covered with branches, white flowers and possibly linen fabric. For a more spectacular effect, rent a podium, a large pergola covered with a white canopy, and don't forget the white carpet between the aisles of chairs!

8 / Favor a simple and floral decoration

On the decor side, simplicity is essential for an outdoor ceremony. The real decor is the natural setting all around! As in church or town hall, you can highlight the central aisle with seasonal flowers hanging from the chairs or a carpet of petals, otherwise opt for white and remember that elegance also rhymes with sobriety. If the arch is in front of a large tree, you can also hang some Japanese white paper balls or a string of lights on the branches. In any case, avoid the accessories which could fly away or be damaged in the event of a wave, and don't forget the PA if you want to make your music entry! Read also: 50 decorative ideas for a country wedding


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