Children's bedroom feng shui: evolution and imagination

Children's bedroom feng shui: evolution and imagination

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Children are constantly evolving and their world must embrace this permanent transformation. At least once every two years, the furniture must be able to be moved to accompany the movement of life. Pay particular attention to the place of the bed: the head should be placed against a wall, opposite the window, and away from the attic if the room is in the attic. The desk should be placed near, but not facing, the window to avoid distracting attention. Books and entertainment of his age should be prominently displayed on shelves. These must be as clear as possible. The location of the furniture is important: it is the principle of "bagua", which matches each segment of the room to an area of ​​life (family, relationships, creativity, etc.). To stimulate the child's curiosity and momentum, take care to the north-eastern part in relation to the front door. Strategic, it must be clear, harmonious and requires the most care to release good waves.


All clothes and toys that are no longer his age must be regularly evacuated and not only for reasons of space available. The objects in her bedroom reflect and accompany her development: keeping her entire collection of stuffed toys on the bed after kindergarten age can encourage stagnation and restrain the momentum of the imagination. Ask your child to choose the two or three cuddly toys he prefers: at all times, the animals represented by the toys have played a very symbolic role because the child identifies with them; the clever and lively monkey strengthens academic skills. The lion gives his strength, the bear his power. Every six months, sort your belongings: throw away damaged or broken objects, plastic trinkets, and put away toys or interesting books in a box that you will give to a younger child. Also accept that he eliminates, if he wishes, the inherited objects that clutter him: your own toys or those of the family, the books that he has been offered and that he does not want to read, etc. Teach him to tidy up his room, without imposing too heavy tasks on him: this will stimulate his vitality. Bunk beds are to be avoided: instead of confining one to the floor and placing the other on the ceiling, have two beds facing each other.


When the child passes certain stages - entry to CP or to high school -, take care to make symbolic changes in his room, which will encourage him to grow. If he does not have one, hang a mirror in which he can see himself entirely; place it where it cannot be seen from the bed, and which will be higher and higher as it grows. When adding furniture or decorative elements, choose curved lines: the child will grow in a more creative setting. Repaint his room every two years. On the walls, choose a light color (green, blue, orange) preferably. Animal images are welcome: painted or placed in stickers, these symbolic companions must be friendly and recognizable. Their qualities reassure the child and rock him in his sleep. It is important that these effigies evolve over the years: think of proposing changes at each school year or birthday. Photo: Magnetic slate on


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