4 tips to repair the damage caused by your pet

4 tips to repair the damage caused by your pet

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Our dear pets sometimes have bad surprises in store for us. Patrick Belloq, manager of the ACE company, specializing in cleaning services for individuals in Charenton-le-Pont (94), shares his tips and advice. Interview by Pierre Tessier What are the solutions to remove cat or dog hair and avoid allergy problems? For a tile or parquet, the most effective way to remove all the hair from your animal is to use a broom with impregnated wipes. For carpet, it is best to invest in a vacuum cleaner, that is to say a vacuum cleaner equipped with a rotary brush. It is a small brush which is placed at the end of the vacuum cleaner and which will rotate the fibers of the carpet to allow it to vacuum all the hairs. It costs a little more than a regular vacuum cleaner - around 380 € - but it is very effective. How to react when your cat or dog has “forgotten” in the house? React as quickly as possible so that the smell does not stay too long. We start by sponging, then we clean the place that has been soiled with soapy water, using as neutral a product as possible. Do not use ammonia, especially if you have a cat because they love this smell! Baking soda is effective. However, remember to do a preliminary test to verify that it does not discolour the area that you want to clean. Then, unfortunately, there is no magic remedy to make the smell go away. There are commercial bombs that neutralize odors, but their effect is quite limited over time. How to repair the damage when a dog or a cat has its claws on an armchair or on the sofa? For a fabric sofa or armchair, you can make small stitches to repair the scratch or even put a small piece if it is a piece of furniture with removable cover. On leather, the most effective way is to give a little polish to the scratch, by choosing a neutral polish or the same color as the armchair or the sofa, but being especially careful to take a shade lighter than the original color, to make it as discreet as possible. You can use a soft cloth, or one of these polishing tubes which have the shape of a felt pen and which are found everywhere in the trade. Unfortunately, in either case, we can only hide the damage. It is therefore better to avoid his dog or cat committing this kind of nonsense, for example by buying a table provided specially for them to get their claws. Even if some fussy cats refuse to use them! How should an aquarium be properly maintained? There is no quick fix, but there are some precautions you can take to prevent it from getting dirty too quickly. It is of course necessary to set up a filtering system and avoid overdosing the food because this quickly fouls the water and the aquarium glass. To clean it, we first transfer the fish to another container and siphon the water with a hose to empty it. Then, all you have to do is wash the windows using a cloth and soap or as neutral as possible. By making "S" movements starting from the bottom up, you are sure to clean your aquarium leaving very few traces. There are also commercially available anti-algae products, but the problem is that they leave marks on the glass.


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