20 fancy curtains to brighten up your decor

20 fancy curtains to brighten up your decor

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In the living room, the dining room or the bedroom, the curtain is the decorative object that enhances your home! Let yourself be tempted by our selection of fancy curtains from these six stores: At the BHV, fall for the curtain with large white dots on black fabrics (79 euros). At Alinéa, a wide choice of plain or multicolored yarn curtains (9.90 euros and 15.90 euros), metal effect (15.90 euros), with legs (17.50 euros), striped (18 euros and 19.90 euros), flowers (55 euros): make your choice ! On the site, you will find a metallic baroque curtain (32.90 euros), one with a fancy and striped pattern (29.90 euros), a floral one (44.90 euros) and a last colored with flower garland (54.90 euros) . Castorama offers very colorful curtains: a pink with oriental patterns (39.90 euros), a "tropicana" with flowers (25 euros), an "abstract" with graphic patterns (44.90 euros), another with pink flowers (34.90 euros) , two with plant motifs (47.90 euros and 54.90 euros) and a last "celest" with colored circles (39.90 euros). A floral Fiji curtain awaits you at Becquet for 49.95 euros. Finally, for an even more whimsical curtain, go to Cerise on the decor, for a curtain of flowered plates (110 euros).


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