The world of the door handle opens up to fantasy

The world of the door handle opens up to fantasy

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The door handle temple exists, I found it! Last month, I had my whole apartment redone. With the birth of my son, we had to transform our kitchen into a child's bedroom and installed an American kitchen in our living room. A real upheaval! All electricity and plumbing have been redone. The paintings too, of course. At the time of finishing, the contractor asked us about the door handles. We hadn't thought about it but it's very important, even capital. On the Internet, we discovered the site of Corinne Darmon. In Paris, his shop is a real exhibition gallery. I never imagined that door handles could be sculptures in their own right: crystal, Murano glass, precious metals ... We chose the cheapest solid brass model (33 euros per handle) but so pretty! > More info // The universe of the door handle 12, rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris Tel. : 01 42 27 11 75


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