The Ikéa Billy library becomes a console

The Ikéa Billy library becomes a console

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The "Billy" library from Ikea has established itself in our interiors. For this step by step, we have customized an old white "Billy" in 106 cm X 40 cm format, with four wooden table legs and polystyrene moldings, so that it transforms into a side console. demonstration! Level: way Completion time (excluding drying time): 3h00 Indicative cost: 69.40 euros Necessary material : - 4 wooden feet = 10 euros / foot - 1 polystyrene molding = 1.40 euros - 1 pot of 0.5 l white paint = 14 euros - 1 pot of 0.5 l red paint = 14 euros Step 1: Customize the Billy library - Remove the bottom and the shelves. - Saw two pieces of molding of 94 cm. - Sand the library. - Fill the holes with wood pulp and allow to dry for 4 hours. - Sand the wood paste. - Position the Billy horizontally. - Inside, on the old "right side" of the Billy, place the two pieces (94 cm) one in front of the other, placing them at the edge of each edge. - Cover the edge of the old "bottom" of the billy, by gluing on each side a 36 cm molding. Step 2: Mount the Billy on feet - Draw two marks 10 cm from each edge. - At the intersection of two marks, drill with a drill with a drill bit with a diameter less than the screw of the feet. - Screw the four feet. Step 3: Paint the Ikea Billy library - Paint the Billy in white. - Paint the two feet on the right in white and the two feet on the left in red - Leave to dry for two hours. - Apply a second coat of paint. - Create a fine line 3.5 cm wide that extends the profile of the wooden base to the top. - Paint this line red and allow to dry for two hours. The most decorative: The decorative effect of this console lies in the white look where only a red line, very graphic, stands out. And to be 100% trendy, place it against a white wall to further accentuate the effect. Thanks to Tollens for the painting and to Ikea for the Billy library


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