Cushions yes, but rectangular cushions

Cushions yes, but rectangular cushions

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And if we opted for rectangular cushions to change? The traditional square cushion widens and gives way to the rectangle! Indispensable accessory of the living room or even the bedroom, the cushion brings style to the decoration. It allows to introduce the pattern or the color in an interior. Soft and cozy, it is also an excellent ally of comfort. We chose the rectangular cushion for more originality: its elongated shape will give more space to a large sofa or a bed. Of course, you can also overlap the square and rectangular shapes for a geometric effect that will give depth to the seat. On the decorative side, the rectangular cushions are adorned with stripes, digital prints and other patterns ... which will allow everyone to find the one that will fit perfectly into their decor. Find our selection of cushion to help you make your choice:


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