LED light boards for a High Tech decoration

LED light boards for a High Tech decoration

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The Golden Gate of San Francisco, the Eiffel Tower or the Pont Alexandre III, here are places that are often reproduced on the paintings. But inlaid with LEDs to make them even more real, this is new! Images et Lumière, company based in Annecy, offers since 1997light panels inlaid with leds thanks to a sophisticated technique. The story begins in 1996. Eddy Lebleu and a Canadian friend decide to bring light to the paintings thanks to new technologies linked to diodes. It is the beginning of the famous led and Eddy seized this technological advance to use it in his frames. The first prototype seduces the two young men and the concept is launched. In 1997, SARL Images et Lumières was born. Since the beginning of Images et Lumières, the techniques and manufacturing processes have evolved. Today,the image is reproduced on a wooden frame with black lacquered cherry wood sticks . On the back, an airtight box conforming to safety standards houses the LED lighting system.The light board stays on for approximately 85 hours . A simple charger is enough to charge the panel's lithium battery for approximately 3 hours. LEDs have a lifespan of 80,000 hours. Image et Lumière offers a new collection of nearly 60 models every two years. Among the latest creations offered by Images et Lumières,we find the American theme , very popular thanks to views of the Manhattan Bridge for example,a "frenchie" theme (with the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe…),a Black & White theme , but also abstract images, plants ... In terms of format, each canvas is offered in a unique format. The formats are diverse and start from 30cm x 40cm to go up to 2m x 1m30. However, tailor-made is one of the priorities of Images et Lumières and each canvas can be ordered in the dimensions of its choice. The price of each canvas varies depending on the image rights, the number of LEDs and any animations.Count on average 350 euros for a 50x70cm painting . Images et Lumières sells its paintings everywhere in France. To find the points of sale, contact: Images et Lumières Route de Sillingy 74330 Epargny [email protected] Tel: 04 50 22 54 75


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