Bamboo garden furniture by Casa

Bamboo garden furniture by Casa

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For summer 2010, Casa presents a collection of bamboo furniture from Vietnamese managed forests. After ecological bathroom linen, Casa once again affirms its commitment to respecting and protecting the planet. The Saigon collection, entirely made of bamboo from managed forests is part of a logic of sustainable development by training Vietnamese farmers in the management of bamboo forests. The Saigon garden furniture offers an armchair, a trolley, a side table, a footrest and a bench that can be adapted both indoors in a veranda and outdoors to enjoy the good weather. Here is a decorative and ecological garden furniture at low prices (from 25 to 99 euros).

The Benefits of Bamboo

Ecological material par excellence, bamboo is a plant that absorbs carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees. Its culture is respectful of the environment because it does not require any chemical product and especially its roots remain in the soil after the harvest, which has the effect of preventing soil erosion. Finally, no waste, because all parts of the bamboo are used. > More info on Find our article on outdoor furniture: What material for garden furniture?


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