When jewelry becomes a decorative accessory for the home

When jewelry becomes a decorative accessory for the home

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Earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces… so many terms that we attribute to jewelry that the fairer sex so much loves. But this is not the only name that can be given to them. These terms can absolutely be used to designate decorative accessories for the home. The editorial team offers you a little tour of the different versions of what is called <> Curls ... of curtains , will allow you to tighten with charm, the curtains and other curtains in the middle, at the chosen height. This loop also called <> will sublimate all styles of interiors, from the simplest to the most contemporary. Table bracelets , more commonly known as napkin rings, will enhance napkins using different folding techniques. Table jewels par excellence, they are the perfect accessories to personalize your table and give it a very trendy atmosphere. The decorative idea to remember, is to match your table bracelets with name holders, knife holders ... for a table <> Necklaces ... of curtains , hang in one click on the curtains and curtains (without the need to hole anything) and will give a very elegant touch to your curtains. This type of kiss easy to use, original and fun will allow you to create different drapes in a few gestures. You will be able to vary the styles according to your moods. The little extra trick, match the necklace to the curtain for a very chic and trendy tone on tone effect. The pins… multi-purpose , will allow you to give free rein to your imagination with their free magnet which slides everywhere, by positioning them with ease: on a glass to hold the names of the guests, on the end of a table runner… it's up to you to choose ! Another trend to adopt is Eline Pajot's perfumed jewelry. Art Deco hearts in silver metal, in which hide intoxicating scents that will perfume your interior with delicate scents from elsewhere. For more information on house and


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