Repainting the facade of his house: what are your rights?

Repainting the facade of his house: what are your rights?

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Summer is coming and it's time to give your home's facade a boost? Before embarking on any work, check with your town hall because the rules differ depending on the municipality. Follow the guide.

Rules applicable differently depending on the municipality

First step: go to the town hall of your municipality to consult the land use plan and the subdivision regulations if your house is one of them. These are essential documents that will allow you to read the rules applicable to your home, in terms of materials and colors. Depending on the classification of your house and its occupancy area (classified tourist area, heritage, etc.), you do not have any latitude to act.

In urban areas or near a historic monument

The Architect of Buildings of France will be consulted if you live near a historic monument or in a protected area. If you live in the city, make sure that the installation of the scaffolding does not encroach on the roads: otherwise, you will have to make a request to the institution responsible for your municipality, the Departmental Direction of Equipment ( DDE), the General Council or the Town Hall.

Financial aid

Before starting, define the scope of your work: if it is a simple cleaning, filling cracks, repairing with waterproofing because the bill can quickly climb: count around € 2,000 to € 10,000 see more ! But the good news is that the facade restoration is considered improvement work. You can therefore benefit from a VAT rate of 5.5% and possibly aid from the National Agency for the Improvement of Housing (ANAH). Also be aware that local authorities can in some cases pay grants for this type of work. Good to know : the municipalities can make the restoration compulsory by municipal decrees and fix the frequency and conditions. Failure to comply with its rules can lead to fines. > More info on


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