The tree invests the decoration of the house

The tree invests the decoration of the house

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Symbol of nature and life, the tree inspires the creators for the decoration of the house. It's up to you to create a vegetal atmosphere while playing on the offsets of use. Mirror version or in the form of stickers, the tree and its slender branches adorn the walls to bring a touch of nature to the house. Not only aesthetic, the tree is practical: its branches can be used as a photo holder, but also as a coat rack or even to hang up a clothesline. Everything is possible ! The tree also invites itself to your table and allows you to present your aperitifs in an original way. The appetizers are directly pricked on toothpicks and create the edible foliage of the tree. What bring a natural and original touch to the aperitif. Discover our selection of decorative objects inspired by trees:


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