A book for your balcony, terrace or small garden

A book for your balcony, terrace or small garden

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Real rooms in addition, the balcony, the terrace or a small garden are designed and thought of as a garden. Make them a flower-filled and pleasant space to look at all year round. To help you, "Balconies, terraces and small gardens" published by Fleurus publishes practical advice to help you choose your materials well, think carefully about your technical installation but also your furniture and your accessories. The book is punctuated with illustrations and photos to best imagine your future outdoor space. Several typologies of outdoor spaces are screened. From lighting to watering through pots and plants, you will know everything to create a friendly atmosphere and to enjoy your little green setting throughout the year. "Balconies, terraces and small gardens" At Fleurus editions Sold at 14.90 euros


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