A so British cooking piano

A so British cooking piano

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Adorned only for the flag of the United Kingdom, the latest addition to Falcon's cooking pianos, "Union Jack" does not go unnoticed. A supplier of cooking equipment to the British monarchy for 180 years, Falcon clearly shows its origins with this cooking piano in the colors of the Union Jack. A good omen a few months before the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton… Very inspired by the "City" trend, this cooking piano is positioned on a very contemporary style . Choose from an urban, lively and cosmopolitan cuisine! On the technical side, the cooking piano is a bit like the Rolls of the stove, English of course… Five gas fireplaces with cast iron grate, three ovens (fan, multifunction, grill) and a storage drawer equip the Union Jack . In terms of dimensions, this cooking piano is 110 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 90 to 92.5 cm high with adjustable feet. Please note, this cooking piano is in a limited series and can only be purchased on order. And you will have to pay 6,500 euros to have the Rolls British cooking at home.


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