1001 ways to laze around

1001 ways to laze around

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Deckchair, hammock, rocking chair ... There are 1001 ways, styles and trends for taking a nap. Alinea guides you to better relax this summer!

The Chilean multiplies the variations

This folding lounge chair generally made of wood is, since the first seaside holidays at the beginning of the century, a must for relaxation. Today, it is still available in an old shool wood version but adopts printed fabrics that follow the latest trends (Tropical, Vichy, Udine). At equally low prices, there are also variations in light metal and polyester canvas (Marcus, Lazy). Just as effective for napping, they are also very practical out of the water, with a seat that dries in the blink of an eye.

Rest, cradled like a baby

If like the little ones, you need to be rocked to relax, quickly adopt a rocking chair or a hammock. For the latter, no need to have trees available to hang his canvas. The new models are based on steel structures that are placed wherever you want in the garden (Air Hammock, Aloha, Copa). Fun, there are also 2-seater versions for lazing as a duo (Malang). As for the rocking chair, it appeals to those who like to read books before "diving in". Finished, the grandma's wooden armchair, gives way to colored metal and textilene models, a material as resistant as it is relaxing (Bob).

Relaxation, languid on the ground

For nomads, idleness happens ... lying on the grass! We gain in comfort thanks to an array of cushions and fleece mats to be superimposed at will (Summer line). We like the mattress and the beach mat with a handle to facilitate their transport. After a picnic at the beach or at the pool, they take place to allow an improvised nap. An art accessible to all budgets.

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