What to do in your garden in February?

What to do in your garden in February?

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The month of February can be harsh or mild depending on the year. A climate to take into account in the work of the garden. Here's all you need to do thanks to Truffaut's advice…

The lawn

We must fight against moss and weeds! Do not hesitate to hang a fertilizer that is both defoaming and weedkiller. Also cut around the beds with a border cutter.


If you have biennial plants, clean the feet and loosen the soil with the claw. Remove the rotting leaves at the foot of cold-sensitive plants. Replant the old fuchsia feet and take cuttings. And if it's mild, plant new perennials.

The vegetable patch

It's time to plant pink garlic and shallots. Also plant the asparagus in light, well-plowed soil. Divide the rhubarb strains. Finally, at the end of the month, you can plant early leeks.

Trees and shrubs

Trim summer flowering clematis and protect the foot with a flat tile. Clean the tufts of hydrangeas by cutting the older twigs and clear the center.

The rosebushes

In the second part of the month, if the weather is mild, start pruning the bush roses. Spread a special rose fertilizer and dig slightly to make it penetrate the soil. Finally plant the bare root roses, digging deeply and add organic background manure such as manure.


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