A decoration made from recycled materials

A decoration made from recycled materials

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Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This could be the credo of recycled decor. Reserved for a very limited audience a few years ago, the decor in recycled materials is progressing. Today, more and more brands specialize in this niche; even the big decoration brands offer objects made from recycled materials. What materials are recycled? Almost all ! Wood is recycled to make furniture, car tires are transformed into baskets or carpets, cotton is recycled, metal is also recycled, paper ... As for the big brands, AM.PM for example offers baskets made from recycled tires. Maisons du Monde is publishing for the first time a collection of five pieces of furniture made from reclaimed wood. Listed small brands, Mahatsara For example, for several years now, small African craftsmen have been promoting who recycle materials to create objects. Telephone wires, soda cans, plastic caps , almost everything can be reused to create a new object. And here are some objects created from recycled materials.


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