Salad spirit for tableware

Salad spirit for tableware

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The summer meal? The salad of course! Fresh and summery, it delights young and old around simple and healthy foods. It evokes family meals where we spend the salad bowl whatever the time of day. Here are 10 utensils that will help you present it as it should be!

Selection of decorative salad bowls

Before tasting the salad, you have to know how to prepare it! For this, nothing could be simpler, take a retractable wringer or a foldable basket with stiffener. Its system folds down completely and can even be stored in a drawer. Once the salad is wrung, we go to the table! Opt for pretty white porcelain salad bowls that will enhance your lettuce and trivets in natural wood or bamboo. Our favorite ? The Qualy salad bowl whose integrated cutlery evokes a couple of birds, for a bucolic and ecological meal in recyclable plastic.

Cutlery for all styles

For cutlery, traditional olive spoons and forks are required. Natural, a bit rustic, they please for their simplicity with an artisanal effect. Add a little humor with cutlery in the shape of a guitar to amuse the kids at the table! Their large spatula in natural beech will appeal to all music lovers! Fans of minimalist design will appreciate Norman Copenhagen's Krenit salad servers, whose long black melamine sticks are inspired by those used in the Orient.

Serve the salad as it should

Worried about spilling the homemade dressing? No risk with the Mastrad router, which makes delicious sauces to pour in the blink of an eye. Discreet and transparent, its silicone band is non-slip, therefore ideal for serving your guests while avoiding disasters!

1. Krenit Normann Copenhagen salad servers 18 € at Scandinavian design center / 2. Salad basket 22.90 € at Cuisinstore / 3. Sauce top - Mastrad mixer 21 € at Bien Manger / 4. Two-color salad servers Orange Guzzini 35 € at Amazon / 5. Hanging salad bowl € 17.49 at La Redoute / 6. Salad bowl D23.5cm in white porcelain with salad cover and trivet in natural wood Alinea € 19.99 / 7. Darty retractable wringer 34.90 € / 8. Salad bowl and salad servers in recyclable plastic Qualy 39.90 € at Decoclico / 9. Salad servers in natural beech guitar shape 13.90 € at Decoclico / 10. Pair of salad servers "Provence" 12 € at Produits en Provence


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