The stickers: essential object of decoration

The stickers: essential object of decoration

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If stickers are today a staple of our interiors, this has not always been the case. It first took a while to invite itself into our interiors before being a real "it" of decoration. Back on a more recent trend than we think! You should know that the stickers have not always been part of the decoration of our homes. Previously, it was rather intended for the decorations of shop windows or for car advertisements. It was not until 2005 that the stickers were developed for individuals for decorative reasons. Regarding the democratization of stickers as we know it today, it mainly appeared in 2007 with the arrival of D & Co on M6. Valérie Damidot shows everyone that you can decorate easily and without breaking the bank. The stickers then begin their meteoric rise and become the most trendy decorative accessory. Aware of the enthusiasm it generates and the multiple possibilities it offers, designers and manufacturers are developing ever more innovative models than each other. Today there are endless possibilities ranging from the trompe-l'oeil motif to the handwritten message and all this in a very wide palette of colors. Regarding the installation, note that the stickers are generally made of vinyl and are delivered on a plastic film. Make sure that the surface is perfectly clean and dry. After having mounted the stickers on the film to remove it from the support, we apply the film to the wall and we apply again so that it adheres to the wall. You have to proceed with patience because some delicate patterns can tear during installation if they are not sufficiently laid down. It is also the marouflage who will guarantee the absence of air bubbles . If some persist, pierce with a needle and then rub on again. On the price side, the differences are significant. You can find stickers at low prices (around 10 euros) in DIY stores or on online sales sites but also at higher prices of up to a hundred euros when it comes to original or created stickers. by artists. Anyway, everyone can find a model that will match their decor and their desires, while respecting their budget!


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