Tadelakt for all living rooms

Tadelakt for all living rooms

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It is from Marrakech that this lime-based coating, which is highly coveted for its properties of extreme tightness, its ecological side and its incredibly smooth aesthetic, comes to us. Assets that have earned it to be used to decorate hammams, palaces and traditional riads. Today, it is our interiors that the sublime tadelakt.

Moroccan inspiration: colors and voluptuousness

Tadelakt is a wall covering that seduces with its silky and shiny texture suitable for all living spaces: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room.

In the bathroom

It is no coincidence that traditionally, tadelakt is applied on the floor and on the walls of hammams. Raincoat , the coating is perfectly suited to water areas. Inevitably, we say yes to the magic plaster in the bathroom to no longer fear humidity. The gold color will bring a perfect oriental touch to the room, giving it the air of a Moroccan palace. We also like strong and vitamin colors like red or orange to give it character and exoticism.

In the bedroom

What do a room and tadelakt have in common? The sweetness. Here is a coating that will sublimate a room with its soft and shiny appearance. We fall for the deep blue tones with a Mediterranean allure, soothing and elegant at the same time.

In the living room

We wake up the living room thanks to the tadelakt, with a mixture of decorative colors. The undulations due to the work of the roller allow you to play on two shades to create a wall dotted with gradations. Choose two colors that blend well: white and gray, yellow and pink, turquoise and white. The set is modern and the vintage look.

In the kitchen

Since it supports high humidity levels, our Moroccan product is perfectly suited for the second room of water in the house. Long live the colorful tadelakt in the kitchen!

The application of tadelakt: what you need to know

Caution : reproducing the soft and smooth effect of hammams is not a simple affair at home. Tadelakt is one of the most difficult wall coatings to apply. When you do not master the technique, it is preferable to follow a training at the risk of not obtaining the desired result. Opting for an imitation of tadelakt is a second possibility. Most ? It is easier to apply. The least? The result is not up to a true tadelakt, the sealing is less and the smoothness of the coating is greatly reduced. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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