Ten little gardener-friendly animals

Ten little gardener-friendly animals

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The garden serves as a refuge for wildlife, which is all the more varied as the plantations are dense and diverse. Some small clandestine animals are useful in the garden because they feed on insects, larvae and worms or because they play a role in the pollination of plants. Thanks to Patrick Mioulane, gardening expert.

Honey bee

It is the most active and effective foraging insect. A great biodiversity in the garden is very favorable to him. So why not welcome a hive?

The bat

It only consumes insects, including many moths whose caterpillars are harmful to crops.


The larvae of this pretty green insect with golden eyes eat the eggs, the larvae and the adults of mealybugs, aphids and mites.

The ladybug

Very voracious, the larva of this little "goddamn beast" devours up to 150 aphids per day. It is an excellent regulator of the populations of these formidable pests.

The common toad

This amphibian, which is not aquatic, eats various insects and slugs which it snatches with its sticky tongue.

The green frog

A frequent host of ponds and ponds, the green frog captures countless insects on the fly and eats larvae.

The Hedgehog

This mammal with nocturnal habits is one of the best auxiliaries for the gardener. It feeds on worms, spiders, eggs, various insects, slugs and worms.

The wall lizard

Essentially insectivorous, it feeds on flies, caterpillars, spiders, ground worms and even aphids.


This insectivorous mammal feasts on worms, caterpillars and slugs that it encounters when digging the soil and compost.


The larvae of this fly resemble a wasp with its black and yellow striped abdomen. They devour 400 to 700 aphids during their development which lasts about ten days. To know more : www.upj.fr


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