The decor secrets of an elegant bathroom

The decor secrets of an elegant bathroom

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Nothing beats an ultra elegant bathroom to start the day off right. Storage tips, decorative accessories, color palette, etc. Regardless of the size of your room, the editorial team will reveal the decorative secrets of a bathroom that throws in the blink of an eye. Follow the guide.

Functional decorative storage in the bathroom

To arrange a elegant bathroom there is no secret ... Bet everything on the bare essentials. We will have to think about investing in storage systems that are as design as they are functional! Whatever the area of ​​the room, opt for furniture with smart storage. One thinks for example of cupboards under the sink, the use of the height under ceiling thanks to the shelves, the coat hooks fixed to the walls or even baskets or compartments of arrangement behind the door of the bathroom. Enough to put your everyday accessories at your fingertips without cluttering your pretty bathroom. Clever, right?

We always need storage in the bathroom!

Green plants to give cachet to the bathroom

To give more cachet to your bathroom decor, sometimes just a touch of greenery. Cactuses placed on the window sill, XXL indoor plants, hanging or placed on the floor, pretty bouquet of flowers on your furniture ... Indoor plants will add a zen and warmer atmosphere to your room. Tropical plants, depolluting plants, orchids ... Make your choice!

Many green plants thrive in a humid room!

Decorative accessories revisited for the bathroom

There are many options to transform your bathroom into an elegant room worthy of a spa or a luxury hotel. The trick here is to choose your decorative accessories with the utmost care. The most effective and least costly solution, at first, is to give a second life to your everyday accessories. We think for example of recycling jars or jars of jams to expose your makeup brushes, your cosmetic products or your cottons. You can also match your bathroom accessories with the color palette of your room and its furniture. Our favorites: decorative metal accessories such as brushed steel or pink copper. You will not only add a refined touch to your room but it will also allow you to bring contrast thanks to the play of light.

Pretty kitchen pots will find a second life in the bathroom!

A color palette suitable for an elegant bathroom

Before tackling the decoration of your bathroom in the smallest detail, think first of all about the choice of your color palette according to the desired effect. The idea is not to overdo it with a rainbow of different shades. Opt for three neighboring tones that you can use throughout your decor and to which you can add light touches of color. We think for example of neutral tones like shades of brown, gray and sand for an elegant and zen atmosphere. You can also bet on more intense colors like emerald, sapphire blue or pastel shades like lavender, water green or old pink.

Wood, brown, water green: warm and soft colors for an elegant bathroom!

Tailor-made materials for the bathroom

For an even more luxurious bathroom, step back, and from floor to ceiling, opt for noble materials like solid wood and marble, sober like industrial concrete or refined like cement tiles. A good idea may be to combine two of these materials, for a dazzling result! One watchword: quality. If there is a place where the investment is worth it, it is definitely at the level of the choice of your materials in the bathroom.

Raw stone effect marble basins for a luxurious touch!

Mirrors to play with space in the bathroom

The mirror is the decorative accessory to keep absolutely handy for your bathroom. Thanks to him, you will have the impression of gaining square meters… all with little effort! It's up to you to choose the material, the shape, the size and the number of mirrors according to the effect you want to give to your room. If you choose to add more than one mirror, be careful not to overdo it. Our favorite is the vintage XXL gilded mirror: your most precious asset for a bathroom worthy of a large hotel! You now have the best tips for transforming your bathroom. All you have to do is create the perfect playlist and serenely bask in your bathtub!

A large mirror or an accumulation of mirrors for a dazzling bathroom!


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