Waxed concrete in the bathroom: tips and decor ideas for adopting it

Waxed concrete in the bathroom: tips and decor ideas for adopting it

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How about we put an end to blackened joints in our bathroom? A composite material directly derived from concrete, waxed concrete is the ally of people who love decoration more than housework. Most often used to decorate living rooms, it is used little in the bathroom and yet ... It is an idea that has many advantages!

4 good reasons to adopt waxed concrete in the bathroom

Whether you want a bathroom like in the catalogs or, more pragmatic, you just want to do away with mold in this humid room, concrete is the solution. Do you think that at the editorial office we lost our minds? Because, between humidity and limestone, it is difficult for you to imagine anything other than the traditional tiling for the walls of this pond. To put an end to certain misconceptions, we give you 4 good reasons to definitively adopt waxed concrete in your bathroom.

1. Concrete, a water-repellent material

At the same time mineral and porous, concrete is not, at first glance, THE material you would expect in a bathroom. However, with a simple treatment, it can become a completely water-repellent coating, that is to say resistant to humidity. We can therefore do without tiling in the bathroom and build a new shower entirely made of polished concrete.

2. No more dirty joints thanks to concrete

When we tackle the cleaning of the bathroom, if there is an element that asks to get out the elbow oil, it is the seals. Due to the humidity of the room, they regularly get blackened and, to guarantee their watertightness, require to be replaced when they are worn. Because the installation of concrete in a bathroom requires no joint, no more maintenance problems! It is poured in a single block which avoids the inconvenience associated with joints.

In your bathroom, why not imagine a polished concrete bathtub or sink?

3. Its composition makes it a resistant material

A waxed concrete coating is obtained by applying a mineral layer, more or less thick, composed of different calibrated materials such as quartz, corundum or silica. The result: the surface coated with waxed concrete has a very high resistance to punctures or impacts.

4. A very easy to clean coating

If you can make your life easier, why bother? The surface protector applied to waxed concrete to make it inert to water also makes it easy to maintain. We can clean it with a traditional soap or our usual detergents. However, care must be taken not to use too strong anti-limescale because their acidity attacks the protective layer of concrete.

Everything you need to know before placing waxed concrete in your bathroom

Before definitively adopting waxed concrete coverings for your bathroom, you still have a few questions. Your bank account and your fear of big projects make you hesitate. What are the precautions to take before making your choice? We tell you everything!

Don't adopt waxed concrete at any cost

Its increasing popularity as well as the improvement of the techniques used have significantly increased the price of waxed concrete in recent years. You will have to count between 80 and 100 € per m² (excluding VAT, labor included). Certain concretes, wrongly called waxed, are in fact coated with an epoxy resin which lowers the purchase price per m² by almost 50%, but the same guarantee over time will not be guaranteed. Similarly, there are many variations of this material, which have the effect of greatly varying prices. It is essential to be well informed about the characteristics of what is offered so as not to be disappointed too quickly.

Do not multiply the sites

Do you want to radically change the style of your bathroom, but it is completely tiled? Do not embark on unnecessary projects. Another advantage of waxed concrete is that you do not need to remove your old coating before laying it.

Pay attention to the surface to be covered

The installation of waxed concrete is a technical exercise. If properly installed, it is a waterproof and resistant material but if the surface has been poorly prepared, it can crack and there, water can seep. Similarly, we will not apply the same thickness of material if we want to cover a decorative wall or if we want to make a real shower.

Our decor ideas for a waxed concrete bathroom

Ultra trendy, waxed concrete is a coating with multiple possibilities. For a successful decor, we play on the different shades that this material can take and the different possible effects: smoothed, washed, deactivated concrete ... Whether you are a loft style decorator or you prefer 100% interiors natural, waxed concrete is suitable for all styles.

We choose a nice colored smooth concrete and a canopy to give your bathroom an artistic touch

Concrete walls for an industrial-looking bathroom

For a bathroom inspired by industrial lofts, we adopt waxed concrete in gray tones that we associate with accessories and metal fixtures. To bring light into the room, we favor the glass roofs that remind us of old factories. For more authenticity, we do not hesitate to highlight the piping.

A designer and refined bathroom with a polished concrete covering

For a bathroom with refinement and elegance, we opt for an anthracite gray or even black waxed concrete. We then play on contrasts with a marble effect sink and golden mirrors. For the more daring, transform your bathroom into an arty landmark by adding a cobalt blue concrete covering (for example) on one of the walls and some colorful accessories.

Concrete for a zen and natural bathroom

By eliminating the joints, the waxed concrete gives a smooth effect which adapts perfectly to a clean and natural bathroom. Wooden furniture, green plants and a basin made of raw material will go very well with light gray or beige concrete. For a bathroom that invites travel and relaxation, we apply concrete in warm tones from floor to ceiling. Hammam atmosphere guaranteed!


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