Winter is coming… Everything to stay warm this winter!

Winter is coming… Everything to stay warm this winter!

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We put everything on accessories and cozy objects before the winter season. Soft light, blanket, large cushions or candles: there is no shortage of decorative elements to transform the house into a warm cocoon. Jingle All the Way !

Club armchair, € 609.90 *

Perfect for snuggling, the club chair invites you to relax. In the bedroom or living room, this water green seat envelops us in softness and adorns the space with a well-deserved cocooning corner!

Alaska White Cushion, € 12 *

These white cushions designed in a fleece fabric bring softness in small touches. We scatter them here and there in the house, to give a chalet spirit to our interior… Not without a certain elegance.

Acrylic Mohair throw, € 23.90 *

What could be more effective than a blanket to counter the freshness of a winter season? We love it here for a version in shades of gray. What to adorn with a new coat your armchairs and sofas!

Round knitted tripod pouf, € 119 *

For a Scandinavian style, we put on an association of soft and natural materials and colors. Successful bet with this rounded pouffe which combines a solid wood base with the softness of a knitted seat, 100% cotton. A neutral colored range, perfect for entering the four corners of the house.

Floor lamp, € 123.35 *

Minimalism and softness for this slender design lamp. A wooden leg to warm the decor, an ecru lampshade without superfluous ornamentation: guaranteed sobriety for this model inspired by the Nordic countries, which illuminates the space without taking up space.

Cylindrical candle, € 7.99 *

In winter, the flickering flames of the candles are enough to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Make way for simplicity with these plain models: dark color and cylindrical shape, a winning duo for a decor in the Scandinavian spirit.

Tea cup and saucer (set of two), € 35.80 *

Immaculate white dishes to acclimatize to any decor! With delicacy, this refined tea service with pretty reliefs seems to echo the white coat of winter. Poetry, when you hold us !

Framed poster, € 79.90 *

We bring nature into our homes with poster landscapes, a touch of modernity in addition. Illustrated graphically, the mountain invites itself into the decor to set the tone for the walls and immerse us in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of ski holidays. Find more inspiration to bring your decor to winter time in our lounge space!

(*) Prices noted on the site on 10/17/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers)


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