Grandma's tips for cleaning with salt

Grandma's tips for cleaning with salt

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Salt is a flavor enhancer but not only! It is also a very effective and easy to use natural cleaner. Whether it's to remove stains, do regular cleaning, maintain the house for the long term, or prevent some household inconvenience, here are some effective grandmother tips for cleaning with salt.

What stains to remove with salt?

Fat stains

We often forget it but salt absorbs fat! Put a good dose of salt on the stain, leave it on for a few hours, then rub with dry Marseille soap. A machine run and your textile is saved!

Rust stains

Can't fight rust? Think again: sprinkle your rust stain with coarse salt and lemon juice. Leave on for a few hours then scrape well with a sponge.

Wine stains

Ouch ... Do not panic: first dry and then put a lot of salt on the stained area. Leave to act for a few minutes then rinse the fabric. It's clean !

Moisture stains

Mix a little salt with lemon juice, apply the mixture on the humidity stain and dry in the sun.

Combined with Marseille soap, salt can remove stains from your carpet!

How to clean regularly with salt?


Joints, taps, tiles ... limestone is everywhere. Mix 1/2 lemon with a little fine salt and rub the scaled areas. Then rinse. Magic !

Mirrors and windows

Clean your windows and mirrors with a mixture of salt water and white vinegar. Leave on for 1/2 hour and then rinse them. Sparkling!

Carpets and rugs

Sprinkle your carpet with fine salt and wait 30 minutes before vacuuming. Your floor will be beautiful, very clean!


Tartar stored in the toilet is often difficult to remove. The right mix: white vinegar and coarse salt, sprinkle on the walls and let sit overnight. The next day, scrub with the brush and vinegar water before flushing.

The enamel bathtub

Offer him a salt scrub. Close the drain, pour coarse salt, sprinkle with vinegar, let stand for a few hours and then rub before rinsing with water. Your enamel bathtub is like new!

Forget the glass product: salt and white vinegar, and your mirror will be the most beautiful!

How to maintain the house with salt?

Bacteria and mold

Coupled with lemon, salt works miracles by eliminating bacteria and mold in no time! Soak your lemon sponge, sprinkle it with salt and rub the surfaces to be cleaned.

The casseroles

A burnt pan bottom? Never tire yourself of trying to scour it again. Instead, sprinkle the bottom of your pan with coarse salt. Leave on overnight, the pan will then be much easier to clean.


If your tarnished silver serving, fill a basin with water and add a teaspoon of coarse salt. Soak your cutlery for a few minutes, rinse and dry them. A great grandmother's tip to give your silverware some sparkle!


A stain of tea or coffee on your marble surface? A small mixture of salt and lemon will do the trick. Rinse well!

The iron

Two spoons of fine salt and white vinegar will allow you to clean the soleplate of your iron properly.

Coarse salt: a little help to scour your dirty pans!

How to prevent household inconvenience with salt?


Immerse your sponges full of microbes in warm salt water and leave to soak overnight. The next day, rinse. Longer service life and bacteria eliminated!

The copper

Limit the oxidation that causes green spots to appear by regularly rubbing your copper objects with a miracle preparation: a tablespoon of fine salt and a tablespoon of flour.

The pipes

To avoid unpleasant odors and clogged sinks, act regularly. Boil 2 liters of water, add white vinegar, a good dose of coarse salt and a little baking soda. Pour the mixture into the sink, leave to act for a few minutes. Then run hot water to rinse the pipe. Here it is clean and disinfected.

Basketry (wicker or rattan)

To remove stains, signs of time or prevent yellowing, you can rub them with warm salt water. Tip tested and approved.

To keep them looking longer, clean your basketwork with warm salt water.


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